sylvia hinz - recorder

Instrumentalist, Conductor, Teacher. Founder of the Ensembles XelmYa, UMBRATONO, the bewitched project and Syl'Cor. Expert on Contemporary Music and Improvisation.

... and another one! ;-) ... performance at SIRGA - Músiques De Recerca I Patrimoni, july 2015 ... with Sylvia Hinz #recorderpower ... .
... nice photo catching a glimpse of me performing at SIRGA - Músiques De Recerca I Patrimoni in Flix, Catalunia in july ;-) ... #recorderpower #heavygear ... .
... mexican premiere of "Birds" by Clio Montrey for soprano recorder solo ... june 21st @ Centro de Arte Dramático A.C. CADAC, Mexico City, Mexico ... enjoy! ;-) ... with Sylvia Hinz ... video by Magma Studios ... . Sylvia Hinz performs "Birds" by Clio Em Estreno en México @ Centro de Arte Dramático A.C. CADAC
... recording a duo with Ailís Ní Ríain ... photo by John Strieder
... trying out some special techniques for a new piece ;-) ...
... had a great time in Barcellona-Pozzo Di Gotto, Sicilia, Italy with those incredible and very creative composers ( Javier Torres Maldonado, Roberto Rojas Guerrero, Alicia Lazaro Arteaga, Álvaro Martín Sánchez, Lorenzo Donadei, Salvatore Iaia Carlo, Dario Pino, danilo, Francesco Lipari, Pier Paolo Ortoleva, Alexandros Spyrou )! ... many thanks to everybody involved - especially to Edizioni Musicali Diaphonia for inviting me :-) ... really looking forward to studying and premiering all the excellent new works for recorder ... until next time! :-D ... photo: John Strieder ...
... ;-) ... #whatifmm #heavymachinery #dissonance #skronk #ccv ... - with Sylvia .
Only three more days left to submit to our Call for Entries | Powerful Woman. (Deadline: July 12.) We have some more submissions to show you. The featured image was taken by John Strieder of contem...
... up next: Sylvia Hinz - Recorder @ SIRGA Festival, Flix, Spain ... july 9th at 7pm, fabulous works for recorder solo by Hans Ulrich Lehmann, Ana Lara Zavala and Nicoleta Chatzopoulou ... nos vemos! ;-) ... .
... don't miss the unique instrumentation of Umbratono Ensamble: Sylvia Hinz - Recorder and Antonio Rosales Bass Clarinet ... we are going to perform fantastic pieces by JS Bach, Igor Stravinsky, Clio Montrey, Elliott Carter and Violeta Dinescu - including mexican premieres! ... nos vemos ;-) ... .
... new machine ... -
... preparing stuff ;-) ...
... meeting with the crew, on our way soon! ... the task: recording kiez-sounds - field recording in el barrio kreuzberg, berlin ...
... nice opportunity for composers to work with Javier Torres Maldonado, composer and me - Sylvia Hinz - Recorder! ... Barcellona-Pozzo Di Gotto, Sicilia, Italy ... ... .
... TODAY! ... XelmYa ( Alexa Renger - violin, Sylvia Hinz - Recorder, Ulrike Ruf - cello ) is going to perform a thrilling programme ... works by: Makiko Nishikaze (*1968), Kaija Saariaho (*1952), Gloria Coates (*1938), Kristin Thóra Haraldsdóttir (*1979) GP + tape, Ludmila Yurina Composer (*1962) GP and Violeta Dinescu (*1953) ... see you! ... € 10 supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.
... slightly belated: new member of the family! :-) ... double bass recorder by Paetzold by Kunath ( many thanks to Silke Kunath and Jo Kunath! ) ...
... COMPOSERS! ... do you want to have a great time in Sicily, Italy and work on your compositions with Javier Torres Maldonado, composer and me, Sylvia Hinz - Recorder? ... july 28th to august 1st, Barcellona-Pozzo Di Gotto, Sicilia, Italy, apply! ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
... composer David Lesser: "I showed my students in a composition class the film of you playing Hirten: they were shocked, mystified and provoked all at the same time - so that is marvellous!" ... excellent, i agree! 3:-) ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
Behind the scenes: "Hirten und weissen Sternen" (2012) by David Lesser (*1966, UK) for two amplified bass recorde...
This evening in Chicago: My trio XelmYa performing @ Transistor Chicago! Works by Martin Gaughan, Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir, Violeta Dinescu, and John Strieder, Composer/Artist and Improvisations. See you there!!!
XelmYa (Alexa Renger, violin; Sylvia Hinz, recorder; Ulrike Ruf, violoncello) was founded in 2008. One of their goals: to push, foster and develop the instrumentation of the baroque trio sonata into c
... so, now we're talking! :-D ... "I would strongly encourage you Chicago metal fans to (perhaps) step out of your comfort zones to hear the acoustic skronk stylings of XelmYa. ... Get out of the office. Get out of your mother’s basement." ... many thanks to Edward Meehan from ToH and the German Consulate General in Chicago! ... with XelmYa ...…/ .
Dorone Paris - For Utopia #2 - In The Lion's Den
... TOMORROW! ... solo works for recorder by Gloria Coates, Violeta Dinescu, Ana Lara Zavala, Sarah Nemtsov and improvisations - performed by Sylvia Hinz - Recorder ... with Sylvia Hinz ... SEE YOU! ... £ 5 / donations
... preparations for the performance of "distant fields" by Nicoleta Chatzopoulou at Goldsmiths, University of London in London, United Kingdom ... ( to be performed on the same concert: "for utopia #2" by Dorone Paris ) ...
... new member of the family is on its way - exciting! ... with Sylvia Hinz ...
... londoners, uk people, everybody! ... visit the Hundred Years Gallery and listen to me performing stunning works for recorder solo by Violeta Dinescu, Ana Lara Zavala, Sarah Nemtsov and Gloria Coates! ... sunday, february 22nd, 4.30 pm ... see you! ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
... march 2015 - Chicago, Illinois! see you ;-) ... with XelmYa ... ... dear all, we are very happy to be a part of this huge "mathias spahlinger week"! there'll be concerts, masterclasses, open rehearsals, lectures, ... everything is absolutely free and undoubtedly interesting. besides XelmYa, the participating ensembles include Ensemble Dal Niente, DePaul University's Orchestra, Suono Mobile USA, Illinois Modern Ensemble, Spektral Quartet, Wet Ink Ensemble, Mocrep and Ensemble 20+. we're going to present "rundweg", a stunning piece mathias wrote for us in 2010, on march 15th at 3pm ( ). hope to see all of you there! please use this website as a central location for information on venues / times / etc.. there is no repetition - with Sylvia Hinz - Recorder ... .
there is no repetition: mathias spahlinger at 70
... HAPPY AND CREATIVE NEW YEAR! ... let's see how 2015 is going to turn out! ;-) ... many thanks to everybody involved for the great music, concerts, projects, etc., in 2014 ... see you soon! :-) ... .
... tonight! an australian radio station is featuring synthesis 1 - tune in ;-) ... with Sylvia Hinz / Sylvia Hinz - Recorder and my "windserie" ... ...
All of tonight's music is part of the album Synthesis Vol 1, curated by Verónica Mota as part of the Urban Arts Berlin project. It comprises 45 pieces of sonic art created by women sound artists from