sylvia hinz - recorder

Instrumentalist, Conductor, Teacher. Founder of the Ensembles XelmYa, UMBRATONO, the bewitched project and Syl'Cor. Expert on Contemporary Music and Improvisation.

... had an excellent concert yesterday! ... many thanks to all involved and Federico Llach for the great picture ;-) ... .
... excellent start of the week ;-) ... .
... meet my incredibly helpful assistant sophia! <3 ... .
... my latest premiere: the fantastic "Tu extraño reflejo" by Álvaro Martín Sánchez - enjoy! ... @ fat cat concerts, with Nero di Marte and Sylvia Hinz ... .
Álvaro Martín Sánchez Tu extraño reflejo for Sopranino Recorder a Sylvia Hinz
BEETHOVEN RELOADED?! ... on the ricordilab case. no news, at least not good ones. when i first wrote an email, suggesting re-thinking the weird rules of this "competition", i got a very patronising and useless reply by some person named maximilian von aulock ( who even managed to misspell my first name, which appeared four times rightly spelled in my email ... ). he told me, in a tone similar to the one often used to talk to a child, that they need to "take care of the high quality" of composers and compositions represented by ricordi, and that therefore the regulations are and have to be "strict" - a word, "streng" in german ( the language of our "conversation" ) which is much used in a moral sense. so, obviously, they are NOT looking for women composers - but this sort of call looks better, of course, when it is aimed at women. it's all white dudes again, beethoven & co. reloaded! if they are deaf like him, even better, because they won't hear the righteous complaints of the women, who were busy supporting their males - husbands, boyfriends, siblings, etc. - in becoming famous, tending to their needs, feeding the family, taking on shitty and exhausting jobs to get money, etc.. when this work is done, the males are happily leaving, exchanging them for someone younger and more "representative" ... now, the career of the women composer is about to start - but wait, she is much older than all the males around! so, she won't get the benefits, of course, let alone the chance to enter age-restricted competitions like this one. white dudes supporting other white dudes - ricordi, you have NO idea what you are missing out on! ... .
... nice interview today with Leonie Reineke at Deutschlandradio Kultur :-) ... .
... world premiere of the fantastic "The Other Side" by Dorone Paris for double bass recorder solo! ... with ArtEquality ... ... "The Other Side – is a solo piece dedicated to Ms. Sylvia Hinz. Through exposing daily based sexism, inspired by the writings of feminist philosopher Marilyn Frye, the composition calls to end discrimination against women." ( Dorone Paris ) ... .
... lovely and inspiring meeting with Gloria Coates yesterday! many thanks :-) ... .
... featuring my track "anonyma" :-) ... many thanks to Antye Greie / AGF! ... female:pressure #Rojava #solidarity #empowerment #equality ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
Don't Assume
... had an incredible concert yesterday featuring fantastic music by Damian Barbeler, Ludmila Yurina, Sarah Nemtsov, Tania Sikelianou, John E. ZammitPace, Carolyn O'Brien, Catenation, Francesco Lipari and John Strieder! ... photo of our backstage room with special guest ;-) ... .
... TONIGHT! ;-) ... see you @ 8:30pm @ XelmYa duo - CONJUNCTION at unerhoerte musik berlin - BKA-Theater, Berlin, Germany ( pre-talk @ 7:45pm ) ... stunning music by Damian Barbeler GP, Ludmila Yurina, Sarah Nemtsov, Tania Sikelianou, John E. ZammitPace WP, Carolyn O'Brien GP, Catenation WP, Francesco Lipari WP and John Strieder WP ... with Alexa Renger - violin and Sylvia Hinz - Recorder / Sylvia Hinz ... .
... up next: fantastic concert in a rare setting! ... Alexa Renger - violin and Sylvia Hinz - Recorder are going to perform stunning and very diverse works with electronics and projection by: Damian Barbeler GP, Ludmila Yurina Composer / Ludmila Yurina, Sarah Nemtsov, Tania Sikelianou, John E. ZammitPace WP, Carolyn O'Brien GP, Catenation WP, Francesco Lipari WP, and John Strieder, Composer/Artist / John Strieder WP ... see you there! ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
... glimpse of part of the gear for XelmYa's trip to Mexico City, Mexico, starting at the end of next week ;-) ... concerts on april 6th at Goethe-Institut Mexiko and on april 9th at Museo Nacional de Arte ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
... had a great concert last tuesday - Her Song - Music by visiting Greek composer Nicoleta Chatzopoulou! ... many thanks to everybody involved :-) - with Sylvia Hinz, Xina Hawkins, Georgia Ioakimidis-MacDougall, Smallroom Berlin ... photo: Magma Studios .
... off to the studio soon, recording the fabulous "distant fields" by Nicoleta Chatzopoulou ... cat is suspicious ;-) - with Sylvia Hinz ... .
... my latest work! ... #femalepressure #rojava #solidarity #revolution #equality #recorderpower ... with Sylvia Hinz - enjoy! ... . for #femalepressure for #rojava #revolution #solidarity 4 Bassrecorders and voice sample. Voice sample source: anonymous female soldie
... brand-new hd-video! :-) ... world premiere of "Hypophora I" by Alexandros Spyrou at Spectrum New York, New York ... - with Sylvia Hinz World premiere of "Hypophora I" written for Sylvia Hinz by Alexandros Spyrou at the Spectrum NYC 2016. Alexandr...
... slightly late, due to life in general: fantastic concert at Spectrum on january 10th! ... many thanks to everybody involved :-) ... with Nicoleta Chatzopoulou, Hideki Kozakura, Carolyn O'Brien, Alexandros Spyrou and John Strieder ... .
... the fierce "bleed down black" by John Strieder, Composer/Artist ;) ... premiere: january 10th at 7pm @ Spectrum, New York, New York Event: BLEED - Sylvia Hinz, recorder @ Spectrum New York #recorderpower ...
... new music predictions for 2016, for example: mine! ;-) ... very interesting project by Timo Tuhkanen - enjoy! ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
... the lovely "Hypophora I" by Alexandros Spyrou :-) ... premiere: january 10th at 7pm @ Spectrum ( ) ... #recorderpower ... .
... up next: the wonderful "Marble Machines" by Carolyn O'Brien! :-) ... to be premiered on january 10th at 7pm @ Spectrum ( ) ... #recorderpower ... .
... just arrived: brand new solo piece for me by Jacques Zafra! ;-) ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
... fantastic pictures from the concert last thursday! ... with Sylvia Hinz and Urban Arts Berlin ...
... up next! 3:-) ... i am going to present a very special set featuring: distant fields (2014) + tape by Nicoleta Chatzopoulou (*1976, GR), the world premiere of my own piece spiral 2 (2015), the world premiere of Flu (2015) by Danilo Comitini (*1986, IT) and the world premiere of Room 03 (1998) by Catenation (*1980, DE) including the first appearance of my subdoublebass recorder ... don't miss it! ;-) #recorderpower #heavygear ... with Sylvia Hinz .
A glimpse at the Klangwerkstatt Berlin - Festival für Neue Musik concert this saturday. Works by Richard Barrett (composer), John Cage, Adriana Hölszky and others. Ensemble Progress / ensemble multiphon, Ensemble andererseits and Ensemble Beatlab, direction: Sylvia Hinz and Jens Brülls. Event-Links: -
BeatLab, ensemble andererseits, Ensemble Progress / ensemble multiphon with Sylvia Hinz and Jens Brülls at the Klangwerkstatt 2015 Berlin: Max E. Keller (*19...
... performing "distant fields" by Nicoleta Chatzopoulou at GEDOK Berlin / GEDOK GALERIE ... .
... including my "windserie" ( ) - tune in! ;-) ... with Sylvia Hinz ... .
... i sold my grandma's wheelchair and bought this monster 3:-) ... 2,45 metres length, air column 3,60 metres :-D ... many thanks to Paetzold by Kunath! ... #recorderpower #heavygear #feministnoise photo (c) 2015 Magma Studios
... me @ #whatifdrone ... enjoy! ;-) ... with Sylvia Hinz - Recorder, Sylvia Hinz, #recorderpower, #heavygear ... .
... studied recorder at the University of Arts Berlin with Gerd Luenenbuerger, experimental music with Dieter Schnebel, chamber music with Nigel North and ensemble leading / conducting at the BAK Tros